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Some links from our Fall 2022 Meeting

If you missed the meeting (or if you took notes but your handwriting is as bad as mine), here are some of the links to materials discussed at the meeting:

Friday night's presentation by Dr. Joey Neilsen of Villanova University:

Saturday's presentations at Villanova University:

The links from Nicole Castilleja Bentley's presentation about research opportunities at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the DOE VFP, SULI, CCI, and PNNL high school research programs:

To learn more visit DOE SC WDTS VFP

To learn more visit our PNNL WDTS Internships website

More information about PNNL HS Research Program

Learn more about PNNL

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Livestream Link of Dr. Joey Neilsen's Presentation

The livestream and recording of the Friday night talk by Dr. Joey Neilsen, Villanova University, titled “The Shadow of a Sleeping Giant” is available at:

See you on Friday and Saturday!

Friday night's part of the meeting is open to the public (no registration needed)! The program for Saturday has been updated with the presenters and the poster/talk titles.


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