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Don't delay! Register by October 7th!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

If you have been waiting to register, don't! Register now at (REGISTRATION CLOSED). Here are a few of the contributed talks and posters that our members will present at the meeting:

- The Impact of the Atomic Bomb

- Simple Online Oscilloscope

- Building Intuition before the Lab Experiment: PhETs as a Part of Pre-Lab Exercises

- A demonstration of an acoustic levitator for the classroom (demo)

- Electrifying the Circuits Unit

- Error With Digital Scales and also Instantaneous Speed Compared to Average Speed

- A Study of the Effects of Particle Mass and Friction in Avalanches of Granular Piles

If you would like to present a classroom demonstration, a talk about a pedagogical technique, or a research poster, please register today!

Thanks and see you on October 14th!

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